Frequently Asked Questions

Which shipping provider do you use?

USPS priority mail.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, current international shipping costs are $32.5, Canada $22.5.( with $20 customs value)

What comes in the starter kit?

9 individual walls. 2 LED (Light emitting Display) panels 2 ORS (Oxygen Return System) panels 3 OIS (Oxygen Intake System) Panels 2 MCS (Maintenance Control System) panels.

What are they made of?

We only use high quality ABS plastic as you would find in Legos and Gundam model kits. These will last as long as your figures will. .

Any plans to do 1/6th scale?

Yes. Currently in the works, but no firm dates at the moment..

Any plans to do 3.75 (classic scale) walls?

Yes. Currently in the works, but no firm dates at the moment...

Do the LED panels light up?

Although we were not able to build the Light kit with the launch of the Wave One panels, we have designed the LED panel to be able to take a light kit in the back when we do. .

What do you use as a reflective black base?

We have used black vinyl or a shelf from IKEA, other people have used glass with black paint on bottom.

My stickers don't stay sticky after a few uses, is there another way to attach the walls to each other?

The fasteners were intended for final display setup. If you're using yours for pictures, many people use small binder clips on the backs to hold them firmly together.

Will you offer smaller packs?

we will have 2-packs of the new control panel and light panels and will be availible in Q1 2017.

When will the light kit come available ?

we are looking to have these in production this Q1 2017.

Do these have a warranty?

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we hate you.

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